Attention Drummers!

Looking for beta testers!

I have prototypes of a new drum-set device that needs *YOU* for testing and feedback ... please take a look at the video and let me know if you're interested!


Video of Hi-hat RockerValve™

Did you ever wish you could do more with your hi-hat while playing double bass or foot cowbell? 

The hi-hat is the most expressive instrument of the drum set - until you add a second bass drum pedal or a foot cowbell. At that point, the full sonic range of your hi-hat cymbals is forfeited while your foot plays other pedals next to the hi-hat pedal. 

The patented Hi-hat RockerValve™ allows you to adjust hi-hat sustain while playing double bass or any other foot pedal next to the hi-hat pedal: leg motion away from the hi-hat increases cymbal sustain, leg motion towards the hi-hat reduces sustain. 

You can regain your hi-hat's expressiveness while playing multiple-pedal setups in Rock, Metal, Latin, or any other genre where you have found yourself wishing you had three feet!


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